Princesa do Gelo ,Marissa Eletrecidade, a princesa é admirada pelo Sharkboy e Max ,e LavaGirl fica com ciúmes e seu cabelo começa a pegar fogo


She is the only person who befriended Max. Marissa also had to sit in front of the classroom and is always sneezing because she is sitting under the cold air vent. It seems she had the idea of becoming the Ice Princess. And the Crystal Heart. She is the one who destroyed Mr. Electric using the Crystal Heart. At the end of the film, it seems she sits in the back of the classroom. She sits in the back so that way she doesn't sneeze.

Ice PrincessEdit


Marissa as the Ice Princess

Marissa is the Ice Princess on Planet Drool. She is the keeper of the Crystal Heart, which could freeze anything even time. She lets Max use it to stop the Darkness and wishes him good luck. It seems the crystal only works when Marissa uses it.

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