Sharkboy is a superhero, Max created in his dreams. He is potrayed by Taylor Lautner


Sharkboy was his nickname that his father gave him as his love for sharks. Sharkboy was a marine biologist in training. Sharkboy was separated from his father because of a mysterious storm. Sharkboy was alone until great white sharks found him and they raised him as their own, he later grew gills, sharp teeth, a fin, and claws. He was fished by Max and taken to Max's home as Max kept him fed and in water. Lavagirl claimed she needed him to return to Planet Drool to defeat the Darkness. Shartboy is now a strong, short-tempered, martial arts fighter, and can run at super speed. Shartboy has a crush on Lavagirl. Shartboy loves sushi and carries it around with him. He also reacts bad with eels. He is still on the search for his father who is at the bottom of the ocean and he ends up dating Lavagirl by the end of the movie.

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